Fair technologies as a tool to safeguard public health?

25 June 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to protect the right to life and health of all people in the EU. Promoting human rights and protecting public health are of course not an ‘either/or’ choice. Even though some rights and freedoms have temporarily been put ‘on hold’ due to prevention measures introduced by governments in order to help save lives, human rights are the compass EU governments need to use to navigate the process to design and implement ‘exit strategies’.

In this panel we identified initiatives from across the EU that promote effective and rights-respectful responses to the challenges we face. Discussions were framed by forthcoming results from FRA’s fundamental rights survey focusing on data technology and FRA’s bulletin on the fundamental rights implications of COVID-19. The latest bulletin included a thematic focus on contact-tracing apps.

We discussed these and other challenges to public health responses to the COVID-19 with Wojciech Wiewiórowski (European Data Protection Supervisor), Clayton Hamilton (World Health Organisation), Max Schrems (European Center for Digital Rights) and Cornelia Kutterer (Microsoft).

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Relevant Links

Fundamental Rights Survey

What did we find out about data protection and privacy?

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FRA’s bulletins on COVID-19

Read up on the Fundamental rights implications of COVID-19.

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To frame our #RightsTech #EURightsSurvey debate on 25 June, in partnership with This Human World film festival, we bring you the documentary ‘Democracy: in the frenzy of data‘, which is a film about the coming about of the #GDPR. Access more information and access to the showing here. The documentary is available from 25 - 27 June 2020.


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