Them and us: Addressing perceptions that human rights are for other people, but not for me

24 June 2020

Most people in the EU think human rights are important for creating fairer societies. However, the forthcoming FRA report ‘What do ‘fundamental rights’ mean for people in the EU?’ shows that where you live, your health, wealth, age and education all influence people’s views and experiences with exercising their rights. The report is based on over 35,000 interviews FRA conducted with people all over the European Union, as part of its Fundamental Rights Survey project. The data provide a unique insight in the general population’s experiences and views on their rights such as on data protection, equal treatment, access to justice, consumer rights, crime victimisation, good administration and the importance of protecting rights.

We discussed these results with Lora Vidović (Ombudswoman, Croatia), Aleksandra Dulkiewicz (Mayor of Gdansk) and Steve Heywood (General Manager of Edelman in the Netherlands), as well as with Joanna Goodey (Head of Research and Data unit at FRA). The discussion brought in results from the Agency’s bulletins on the Fundamental rights implications of measures to contain the Coronavirus pandemic in the EU (link is external).

#HumanRightsMatter #EURightsSurvey

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