Fundamental Rights Dialogue

Have your say about human rights in Europe

What would you do to make sure that no one is discriminated against when looking for a job or simply going to a doctor? How would you tackle the hate speech that is spreading online? What should be done to have everyone take part in our society, regardless their age, skin colour or sexual orientation?

The Fundamental Rights Dialogue was organised to have citizens share their views on how to shape our societies with human and fundamental rights at centre stage.

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The Fundamental Rights Dialogues gave citizens an opportunity to voice their fundamental rights concerns and discuss possible solutions with Michael O’Flaherty, Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights.

The Commission Representations in Austria, Germany and Luxembourg supported the first dialogue.

We would especially like to hear what you have to say about:

  • How to make sure that everyone can enjoy fair and equal access to education, jobs and healthcare?
  • How to tackle hate speech, racism and disinformation, especially online?
  • How to reduce divisions and help everyone take part in society?

Contributions to the Dialogue take centre stage at the upcoming Fundamental Rights Forum 2021 – a major human rights event in Europe bringing together everyone who drive change to make sure that people in the EU can fully enjoy their rights.

Your ideas and proposals will be part of the discussions civil society, politicians, human rights experts, opinion leaders and influencers, businesses and many others will be having there. People exchange ideas, find new partners and bring real change about.

Have a look at what young people say about the last Forum:


If you want to bring a positive change about, you first need to bring the issues that bother you to the discussion table.


Anyone can take part in the Fundamental Rights Dialogues.  


The first Dialogue took place on
13 November 2020, from 16:00 to 18:00 CET.


Those wanting to Speak up! can join the discussion via Zoom (you must be 16+). The event will also be livestreamed on Facebook Live and YouTube Live.

Anyone can post their comments and questions.

Register here or follow the discussions on our social media using the hashtag #RightsDialogue


Your contribution and the outcome of the discussions during the Dialogue will take centre stage at the Fundamental Rights Forum 2021.

The Forum brings together everyone who drive change and work to make sure that people can enjoy their fundamental rights in the European Union.

The next Fundamental Rights Forum will take place in Vienna on
11 & 12 October 2021.

Photo of Michael O'Flaherty
Director of the EU Agency for Fundamental Rights


Previously, Michael O’Flaherty was Established Professor of Human Rights Law and Director of the Irish Centre for Human Rights at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He has served as Chief Commissioner of the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission, Member of the UN Human Rights Committee and head of a number of UN Human Rights Field Operations.

Picture © Hans Labler, 2016

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Journalist, News Editor and Presenter


Damla is working as a multilingual journalist and broadcaster for the West German Broadcasting WDR and as a TV Host e.g. for the election broadcasts of Phoenix from ARD and ZDF German Television. Damla is also the host and founder of the interview series ‘Harvard Club Talks’.
Damla currently lives in Cologne and was elected Officer of the Harvard Club in November 2016.

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